It’s about now I wish for two things: 1) a natural talent for dialogue. I’d settle for a good ear for dialogue at the moment but no… it’s like I’m tone deaf to what people say… In fact – I was so distracted by that idea I took an on-line test… bugger it – I am border line tone deaf!

So the real problem with writing is the struggle of being alone – all alone in the universe…

I’ve taken to trawling on line for advice:

Here: Here’s one I found useful about dialogue on the Script Frenzy website. I may have mentioned it before. I think it’s about the fourth time I’ve read it this script.

Here’s some advice from well paid playwright David Mamet about the importance of drama. He’s right, damnit, but I don’t half wish he could find the capslock – and turn it OFF.

This one’s about choking – you know, the way athletes do.  About why we lose 5% of our brain function when we start to worry about losing 5% of our brain function. Scumbag brain.

Of course I know what I have to do.  Turn off the internet, but then I’m all alone with my invisible friends.

I’m waist deep in the swamplands. My characters are fitful… lurching from moments of lucidity, and then grinding to a halt. The house looks like a small child has trashed it – unwashed dishes, food mouldering on the bench tops. The dog is looking rueful. The husband looks abandoned. I feel the life forces are draining from me…

..what to do?

What can you do


My sister-in-law once told me, “The universe rewards action”  The same must be true for my characters.  Let’s do something.

Oh, and 2)

I wish I had a Cook or better – a Cleaner who can cook.

I’ve got a round tuit – I better get back to it.